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你打算获得文学学士学位吗.A.) degree from a four-year college or university in an area such as communication, English, geography, history, political science, psychology, philosophy, religion, or sociology? Our Associate in Arts (A.A.)课程让你做好准备. 你将发展必要的沟通, writing, critical-thinking, and problem-solving skills, all while earning credits that will seamlessly transfer to a four-year college or university.

Earning your A.A. degree at RCC means that you will complete two years of college education in small, personalized classes taught by faculty who are invested in your success. You will also save thousands on tuition and fees when compared to the costs of four-year colleges and universities.


Within the 60 – 61 hours of coursework required for the degree is a 30-hour universal general education transfer component (UGETC) with courses in English Composition, Humanities/Fine Arts, 社会/行为科学和自然科学/数学. Because many colleges and universities differ in their admission requirements, you should contact the schools of your choice to learn about specific admissions requirements.

Courses for the A.A. degree program are offered day, evening, online and/or hybrid.

Course Selection

You should consult your academic advisor and your transfer institution for assistance with course selection. 有一些必须满足的要求. These include:

  • ACA 122
  • ENG 111 and ENG 112
  • Nine hours are required within the Humanities/Fine Arts area, 课程必须来自两个不同的前缀.
  • Nine hours are required within the Social/Behavioral Sciences area, 课程必须来自两个不同的前缀.
  • 数学领域必修一门课程.
  • 自然科学领域必修一门课程.
  • 你必须达到修某些课程的先决条件. Developmental Studies courses are available for those who need them.

Universal General Education Transfer Component Courses (UGETC) (31-32 Semester Hours Credit Required)

  • 英语作文(6学时)
  • 人文/美术(要求9学时学分)
  • Social/Behavioral Sciences (9 Semester Hours Credit Required)
  • 自然科学(4个学时)
    • BIO 110* -生物学原理(4 SHC)
    • BIO 111 - General Biology I (4 SHC)
    • CHM 151 -普通化学I (4 SHC)
    • GEL 111 -地质学入门(四年级)
    • PHY 110^ -概念物理(3 SHC)
    • PHY 110A^ -概念物理实验室(1 SHC)
      * preferred BIO
      ^ must take both PHY courses

  • 数学(3-4学时)
    Select 1 course.


从这里或上面列出的任何课程中选择. Courses should be selected based on your intended major and transfer university.


  • ACA 122* -大学转学成功*(必修)(1 SHC)

Select 14 semester hours credit from any courses listed above or below. Courses should be selected based on your intended major and transfer university.


Follow the Associate in Arts worksheet 作为规划课程的指导方针.

AA degree students will be able to use information literacy and communication skills to:

ILC1. Express ideas clearly and logically through oral presentation 
ILC2. Compose well-written documents using standard written English 
ILC3. 理解大学水平的阅读  
ILC4. 定位和评估信息  


CT1. 展示解决问题的能力
CT2. 通过对信息的分析得出有效的推论 

The Associate in Arts and Associate in Science programs offer degrees designed to facilitate your expansion of general knowledge and preparation for further education at a senior higher education institution. You are required to demonstrate proficiency in certain functions to progress through the program. 基本功能包括:

  1. Critical Thinking: critical thinking ability sufficient to gather relevant information, interpret data, 认识到问题,并使用一个过程,使知情, 独立的决定表现出良好的判断力.
  2. Communication Skills: speak and write English; listen and comprehend written and spoken words and communicate information and ideas so others will understand.
  3. Mobility: mobility that is appropriate for a classroom setting is needed. For example, a student should be mobile enough to sit and repeatedly stand in a classroom setting.
  4. Motor Skills: motor skills sufficient to be able to sit for extended periods.
  5. Manual Dexterity: manual dexterity sufficient for computer work/keyboarding.
  6. Hearing: ability to hear sounds at a close range (within a few feet of the observer). For example, a student should be able to hear and respond to an instructor or other students in a classroom.
  7. Visual: the ability to see with normal or corrected vision and tolerate working indoors in artificial light and the glare of computer screens.
  8. Tactile: the ability to perform physical activities that require the use of hands and arms. For example, students should possess the finger and manual dexterity necessary to manipulate computers and other office equipment.
  9. Cognitive: ability to use logic and reason; attention to detail; and short-term and long-term memory skills. For example, students should possess the ability to remember a concept covered in a class in a previous week of a semester.
  10. Listening: listening skills sufficient to give full attention to what other people are saying, 花点时间理解谈话要点, ask questions as appropriate and no interruptions at inappropriate times. For example, students should be able to have appropriate interactions with faculty and peers.

十大网赌排行榜是一所符合ada标准的机构. The College does not discriminate on the basis of disability in the admissions process or in access to its programs, services and/or activities for qualified individuals who meet essential eligibility requirements. The College will provide reasonable accommodations for documented disabilities of individuals who are eligible to receive or participate in college programs, services and/or activities. Student Services provides a disability counselor to assist students in requesting disability-related accommodations. If a student believes that he/she cannot meet one or more of the essential functions without accommodations, the student is encouraged to disclose the disability to the disability counselor as soon as possible. Students must certify the ability to meet essential functions of the curriculum by a signed statement when they begin the program.

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